29 October 2011


the previous post i said that i admit my mistakes,
and "sorry" was spelt there.

you also admit your mistakes,
but it's like asking me to know what i've done to you.

replay button was pressed ;
i admit my mistakes,
and sorry.

do i have to repeat,
i don't need your thanks,
i don't need your money,
i don't need your kindness,
and i don't even need your apologies,
i just want you to stop stabbing my back,
and stop making wounds on friend's heart.

how can i stand up with strength after what you've said behind me.
to you maybe it is nothing,
but to me, it is like a sudden heavy rain.
after all the nice things i tell to mum about friends,
now i have to walk on a fire street made by "friends".

again, i repeat.
i don't want you to remember what i've done for you,
i just want you to know what friendship really means and stop stabbing my back.
i'm not saying these words to you, but to all of you.

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